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Rules To Follow On Forums And (Servers)

on Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:23 pm
Hello! Thank You For Your Interest In VisitingSF! Forums! As You May Know, There Are No Rules!

Without Rules... Nothing is Fair To Anyone

1. Be Nice To Other Members. cheers Don't Be Mean Mad

2. No SPAM! (Repeatedly Posting Comments Or Topics) confused

3. Opinions Are Welcome! Cool

4. Hacking is FORBIDDEN (This Will Be Explained With More Details Depending On The Servers When They Are Online)

5. Respect All Staff Members

6. No Advertising! (e.g. Links To Other Websites, IP's To Other Servers.) pirat

7. Follow These Rules Or You May Get IP Banned Depending On What You Did Going Against The Rules

8. HAVE FUN!!!

   That's Pretty Much Everything, For Now... Thanks For Reading Our Official Rules! bounce

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