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Application by: Anime`

on Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:59 pm
•Nickname [Anime/Xannis]

•Real Name [Mekiel]

•How Old Are You [17]

•Where Do You Live [Trinidad and Tobago]

•Why Do You Wanna Join Shadow Force [Its an amazing deathrun clan and i will like to help make it better Smile]

•Who Invited/Referred You [-]

•What Skills Do You Have That Might Help Out Shadow Force [Being a great admin and watching over servers]

•What Do You Play On [Personal Computer]

•Where Can We Contact You? (NOTE: Blockman Isn't An Option) [GameRanger ID: 8648575]

•How Long Can You Play Or Be Online At The Forums [More than 2 hours per day]

•Are You Familiar With Website Designing? [Not Really no]

•How Long Have You Been With Shadow Force [Now started as the servers are back online]

•Are You Planning On Buying Any ViP Packs? [No but there is a possibility]

•Anything Else You Wanna Say Before You Submit Your Application? [Lovely Servers Smile see you]
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Re: Application by: Anime`

on Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:26 pm
Welcome To The Clan Smile
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